About Us

As a “back-up care” organization, our services are designed to coordinate with the busy, exciting schedules of working families. We understand that school closures and holidays can leave parents without affordable, fun and engaging programming for their child, so that’s where we come in! Maze Kids strives to ease this challenge by providing families with alternative solutions with day camp programming. With a blend of ground-breaking programs and building support systems for families, our organization can share the best possible experience with our community.

Safe for your child’s needs

At Maze Kids, our highest priority is to ensure that we meet every child’s individual needs while providing a safe, secure and loving environment. Our experienced staff is experts in providing nurturing care that helps deliver a positive learning experience.

About Us

Our primary goal at Maze Kids is to nurture each child’s unique qualities and to support families through strong partnerships. Maze Kids is committed to providing a warm and friendly environment for each child at reasonable rates for every parent.

Each teacher and child care providers are college trained in Early Childhood Education, child care safety standards, first-aid and CPR. We conduct comprehensive criminal background screenings and require personal references for every new and potential staff member. Here at Maze Kids, we provide full supervision at all times throughout every camp meeting, maintaining staff to child ratios at no higher than 1:15. With us, you can be sure of a secure environment for your child. Our top-tier programs are open to children ages 5 to 12 years old without discrimination based on political affiliation, religion, race, color, sex, mental or physical disabilities.


Providing exceptional back-up care to nurture growth, educational leadership and social interest in a safe environment.


Care when you need it most!

Devoted Owners
Coming in from out-of-state, our co-founder arrived in sunny Texas a few years ago with her son. Finding difficulty in locating quality programming engaging enough for her child, the single mother with limited family in town decided to solve her own problem. With 12 years of event planning in child care facilities combined with experience in youth development, creating the concept of Maze Kids was both natural and beneficial.

Since Maze Kids launched in 2016, the company has implemented hundreds of local events, all receiving excellent ratings from both parents and children alike. We continue to strive towards providing a safe, reliable, and convenient environment for children. Our mission is to make life with a school-age child slightly easier for every parent in our community.

Maze Kids wants the best for both parents and children and will work alongside you as a team to help provide the specialized care you need.