School Closure Programs

We provide day programming to supplement childcare throughout the school year and summer!

Maze Kids is a Frisco-based organization that hosts local events during school closures for children ages 5-12 years old.

As a “back-up care” organization, our services are designed to coordinate with the busy, exciting schedules of working families. We understand that school closures and holidays can leave parents without affordable, fun and engaging programming for their child, so that’s where we come in! Maze Kids strives to ease this challenge by providing families with alternative solutions with day camp programming. With a blend of ground-breaking programs, and building support systems for families, our organization is able to share the best possible experience with our community.

 Program Highlight 

We provide a fun, safe experience for kids to learn new skills, increase self-confidence, and make new friends. We offer HUNDREDS of engaging activities for all interests, including traditional crafts & games, a huge variety of STEM, sports, laser tag, bowling, arcades, video games and themed activities for every interest – like dancing, cooking, art, exercising & conditioning, music and so much more!


Program Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Program Ages: Incoming Kindergarten – 7th graders 

Program Location: Strikz Entertainment Center at 8789 Lebanon Road Frisco, TX 75034.

Our Promise:

  • Affordable child care solution
  • Support and promote child safety and well-being
  • Encourage student social engagement
  • Supportive and experienced staffing
  • Educational and exciting program activities
School Closure Programs Maze Kids
Exceptional back-up care

Maze Kids is a back-up care organization established to innovate the lives of working families. Often times school closures can leave parents without many affordable alternatives. Maze Kids strives to close this gap by helping families navigate easier routes to fun and affordable care.

Maze Kids School Closure Program
Safe for your child’s needs

At Maze Kids, our greatest priority is to ensure that we meet every child’s individual needs while providing a safe, secure and loving environment. Our experienced staff are experts in providing nurturing care that helps deliver a positive learning experience.

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Children served within a safe, caring and nurturing environment!


Hands-on STEM projects facilitated to spark imagination and inspire children to explore more challenging careers!


Sports, games & skills activities implemented to help inspire children get up and move!


Fun and engaging arts projects facilitated to challenge children’s individual creativity!

The gallery

Engaging Programs

Feature Four Pathways that encompass a full day of activities with a complementing theme

Everything Sports

All about exploring your competitive nature through sports, for your highly competitive child who loves to have fun playing soccer, football, racing, doing challenges and games!

Making Moves through Arts

All about exploring your creative side and learning new skills, whether it’s decorating cupcakes, dancing, doing yoga, gymnastics and even art projects they’ll learn fun ways to move through arts!

Storming through STEM

All about exploring STEM, through use of hands-on experiments. They’ll be immersed in a variety of food science projects, engineering challenges, gaming, 3D designing, technology and electrical engineering!

Lego Star

All about exploring the adventure of building challenges. They’ll be immersed in a variety of Lego building challenges where they’ll learn about engineering while making structures!


We provide year-round programs